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FAQ Business Trainee program for Business/Engineering students

What files do you want me to attach to my application?

We want you to upload your CV, personal letter and your grades from gymnasium/high school and university together with a description of the grading system in your application. You don’t need to attach any written references in this step in the recruitment process.

Should I write my application in Swedish or English?

Please write your application in English.

My files with CV, personal letter and grades are too heavy to upload. What should I do?

Try to save the documents together in one file, preferably in PDF or zip format. If the attachment is still too heavy to upload you can make a notification about that in your personal letter and we will then ask for the attachments later in the process.

I get an error message when I send in the application, what should I do?

The error message may be due to system maintenance, please try again later.

When does the Business Trainee period run?

The Business Trainee Program runs for 12 months starting in August 2020.

When does the recruitment start?

The application period for the Business Trainee Program 2020 is October 2nd –January 2nd.

What happens after last application date?

We will get back to you as soon as possible in January, after last application day. Selected candidates will be given analytical web-tests as a first step. If we believe you have what it takes you will be invited to assessment days 13th, 14th or 21st of February. Final interviews will be held in the beginning of March. Final interviews will be held in the beginning of March. You have to be able to participate during one of the assessment days to apply for the program. If you live abroad you can attend the assessment day via Skype. Please make a notification of that in your personal letter.

Who can apply to the Business Trainee Program?

We are looking for graduates in business or engineering or young professionals with up to two years of experience after your studies. We welcome applications from all countries.

Do I need to speak Swedish to apply?

No, you don't need to speak Swedish to be eligible for the Business Trainee Program. English is mandatory, and any additional languages are meriting.

Who will arrange with accommodation during the Trainee Program?

H&M will arrange with accommodation for placements outside of Sweden during the program.

What happens after the program?

After the program you will be ready to start working in a fulltime position as a Business controller with placement in Stockholm, Sweden.

Can I apply for several Trainee programs at H&M?

At H&M we have three different trainee programs with different content and positions. For us it´s important that you get the best start possible at H&M, therefore we want you to choose the program that suits you the best. For that reason, we recommend you to apply for only one of the programs. We hope that you will find all the information that you need here!

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