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Business Tech Trainee Program

New consumer behaviors and rapid tech development will continue to transform how and when people shop. The H&M group is continuing to integrate the physical stores with the online platforms, and we are exploring the strength of our global brand in combination with local relevance and more personalized communication.  We want to release the power of people and technology.

While doing this our vision is to lead the change towards a circular and renewable fashion industry. Using our size and scale, we are working to catalyze systemic changes across our entire value chain and the wider industry using technology as an enabler. Our goal is to be climate positive by 2040. We need diverse teams where the employees make all the difference and we need your entrepreneurial spirit and agile mindset to help us take advantage of all opportunities.

For 11 months you will get the chance to work in different functions as well as being introduced and get insights to some of our most important development areas and core systems. To fully understand our core business you will also work in store, warehouse and with our digital platforms. We believe in people and will challenge you with great responsibility from the start, supported by mentors and buddies as well as trainee colleagues and your group manager. Through the program you will also gain a great network within our company; meeting and working with different key persons in our organization. On top of this you and your trainee colleagues will become a close-knitted group from which you will benefit throughout your entire H&M career. You will grow as a person both professionally and personally and after the program you will move into a role within the business tech organization. If you’re passionate about exploring new opportunities within the H&M group, your career possibilities are endless!

During the program you will be based in Stockholm, but travel will occur.


Starts in August and runs for 11 months


A program focusing on tech as an enabler for the future growth of H&M Group


The program is based in Stockholm but travel will occur and your role after the program could include travelling


A role within our Business Tech organization

IT Trainees of 2019 together with Group manager and Program responsible

Are you our future Business Tech trainee?

The Trainee Program places high demands on you, but in return we can guarantee you an exciting and challenging job where you are expected to take on great responsibility. To be successful we believe that you need to have a genuine interest in retail and H&M. We are looking for you newly graduates within information science, engineering or other relevant tech education but you can also have up to two years of working experience after graduation.

Do you want to join us?

Please apply here with resume and cover letter no later than January 2nd 2020. We accept applications in English only.

We will get back to you regarding your application as soon as possible after application deadline. If you are selected to the next step, you will be asked to carry out ability and personality tests (online) between 10th – 17th of January. If we believe you have what it takes, you will be invited to assessment days in Stockholm during week 6 or 7. Final interviews will be held in Stockholm during February and March.

At H&M group we have three different trainee programs with different content and positions. We want you to choose the program that you think suits you the best and we ask you to only apply to one of the programs.

Meet some of our current trainees

Matilda Davidsson, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Lund University Jacob Makdisi, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

What have surprised you the most during your first couple of months?
Matilda: That everyone is so welcoming and friendly, even though it is such a big company. From the first day, on the assessment day, I got a great feeling of the working environment and everyone was so welcoming. Now, three months within the company, this warm and including culture has been confirmed, and this working environment is something I really appreciate.
Jacob: Yes the values are not just written on the wall, but deeply rooted in the organization. People really work and live by the values and one get the feeling that people strive here. This apply internationally as well. During a visit in Germany, I was very familiar with the culture at H&M, although being in a completely different country.

What is the most interesting thing you've got to do as a trainee so far?
Jacob: The most interesting thing I have seen (so far) is the warehouse in Germany. It was so huge, and the experience gave me the insight in how big H&M´s operations are, but also what important role IT plays. It was a great experience and augmented my knowledge of H&M being a global company.
Matilda: We have met a lot of interesting and inspiring persons these first months, who all have made interesting careers within the company. People work with so cool things here at H&M and are very enthusiastic about what they are doing. They have truly inspired me by understanding the endless opportunities within H&M and I am really excited for my future journey.

Why did you choose to join H&M IT Trainee program?
Jacob: Although being an engineer, I have a big interest in business. The retail industry is facing a big change, with digitalization and technology paving the way for how business is done. This is super interesting and I want to be part of it. Therefore, I found H&M as the perfect place to be and applied for the IT trainee program, as it is a perfect way to give me the mix of IT and business.
Matilda: I chose to apply for H&M IT Trainee program because it seemed to be the perfect mix of IT and business, working in a cross-functional way in a global company. Besides, I believe H&M is in an interesting journey, in a changing industry with new customer behaviors and that is a journey I want to be part of.

What do you think about the new name; Business Tech Trainee program?
Matilda: I like the new name, it really emphasizes the mix of business and technology. The new name explains the focus of the trainee program in a better way, because the focus is not only IT, it is a mix of both IT and business.
Jacob: I think the new name of business tech is really good and an important change. It strengthens the importance and role technology plays for business, but also changes the view of technology as just IT. Working in business tech is all about bringing business value through people and technology!

Jonas Blomgren & Matilda Stading

We took a coffee with two of our current trainees Jonas and Matilda to ask them why they choosed H&M IT trainee program and what has surprised them most during these first months.

Read about Jonas and Matilda

Ghazal Mesbahi

“I always had other people to discuss challenges and opportunities with. This made me feel like I dared to make more mistakes and try new things.”

Read more about Ghazal

Fredrik Palmer

“I’m very grateful for having such helpful colleagues who answered my questions, which enabled me to learn a lot from the trainee program.”

Read more about Fredrik

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