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Our products need to reach our customers – and the specificity, sustainability, and management of the journey is the responsibility of Logistics. We make it happen!
Working in Logistics requires flexibility. In a global network of our size, our targets often shift, but our mission does not – we ensure every customer has what they want and when they want it. We are laser-focused on speed, service, and precision – and masters of collaboration. We encourage everyone to think outside the box – anticipate our customers’ needs and expectations.

We make sure the distribution process runs smoothly, and keep the flow rapid, flexible, and efficient. Here, accuracy is rewarded, and boredom is unheard of.
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution Center
  • Inbound & Outbound Operations
  • Innovation
  • Customer-centric
  • Sustainability
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Steering & Leadership
With size comes great responsibility. Be a leader and help us move our company forward towards meaningful growth.
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Sales & Operations
Our talented teams bring H&M products to life for our customers, addressing their needs and desires and ensuring they’re relevant to local markets. If you are passionate about Merchandising, E-com Merchandising, Visual Merchandising or Store Operations, join us & help us create exciting multi-channels experiences.
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Business Controlling
With the help of data and analysis, as Business Controller you find opportunities to drive growth and increase customer value.Turn analysis into actions, solve complex work tasks and make complicated matters crystal clear. We offer many opportunities, from locally supporting stores to globally supporting functions or regions. Whether you are…
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People, Culture, Inclusion & Diversity
Be yourself here & empower others to be themselves everywhere. Partnering with the business, you’ll be fostering an inclusive culture, where every colleague feels welcome, valued, and empowered to grow, in their career and as individuals, to reach their full potential.
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Dress the whole world & help make fashion more sustainable. Being sustainable means respecting both people and planet today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. Join this team and help us make fashion more sustainable & sustainability more fashionable.
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The inside of a H&M store 27976
Leasing, Construction, Facilities & Store Design
These teams work closely to ensure we have the most loved stores, growth in marketplaces, social commerce platforms and partnerships around the world. From finding the perfect location, negotiating with landlords and developing designs to building and maintaining, these teams do it all.
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Student & early careers
Are you ready to start your career at H&M? We offer different training opportunities to help you learn and develop your skills, both throughout your studies and after you graduate.
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A male and female colleague leading over a table looking a fabric samples 98994
Design & Product Development
Be ahead of today’s trends & create tomorrow’s fashion. Use your eye for style to help us bring affordable and sustainable fashion to customers all over the world. Bring your unique creative perspectives to H&M, and discover a workplace where you can always learn, grow and improve.
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Branding, Marketing & Communication
Build our brand, engage with our customers & help us tell our story. Our teams develop inspiring and locally relevant multi-channel campaigns. Join us in building excitement and creating loyalty around our brand, our collections and our products for a worldwide community of customers.
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Customer Service
Support our customers & provide an excellent experience to ensure high customer satisfaction. The customer experience continues to evolve, in store, online and on social media platforms. As part of our Customer Service team, you’ll represent the company as a brand ambassador by answering questions, resolving issues and providing excellent…
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Tech, Data & Innovation
Shape the future & harness the power of data and smart tech. As part of this team, you’ll help turn business challenges into innovative tech solutions that enable us to provide millions of customers with great customer experiences. We work in multiple areas, from AI to data-driven business development, user…
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Make customers feel welcome & feel welcome to be yourself. Many of H&M’s leaders started in our stores, doing our most important job –– helping our customers look and feel good. Here, you’ll meet mentors, role models and friends for life, and be part of a team where you can make a difference.
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Accounting & Finance
There are a lot of different roles within this department – from dealing with strategic transfer pricing solutions or handling invoices, to ensuring legal and accurate accounting reports or collaborating and following up with other departments to ensure timely reporting. Join this team and be involved every step of the…
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Legal, Administration, Security & Compliance
As a responsible company, we need to be compliant with laws, regulations and standards. Help us enable meaningful growth by providing solution-oriented guidance, processes for our customers and employees, while mitigating risks and being compliant. Make a difference here & see the impact everywhere.
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Purchasing & Sourcing
Our job is to ensure our customers feel confident that everything they buy is designed, produced and distributed with the greatest consideration for people and the environment. In our Production offices, we transform design ideas into real products to meet our customers’ needs. As part of our team, you’ll be…
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