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Facilities Management

What do they do?

Are you interested in a Facilities Management role?
A Facilities Management team is like having the ultimate stage crew helping the company to deliver a knock out performance to the customers and employees day after day. It’s all of the services that run behind the scenes, such as energy management, cleaning, general building maintenance and many others that make every day go off without a hitch.

Which skills are required from a Facilities Manager and what are the core responsibilities?
You are responsible for maintenance in stores and offices in the H&M group, by doing that you create the best shopping experience for our customers and great working environment for our colleagues. You make sure that all stores and offices follow Health and Safety procedures and regulations.

In order to do this you must have strong communication skills, be able to clearly explain what needs to be achieved or provide feedback to both our external suppliers and colleagues throughout the business. Above all attention to detail is imperative in order to ensure that we receive a high quality service at all times whilst making informed decisions that support profitability.

Where this role could lead you?
Within the H&M group the Facilities Managers are part of our Expansion department which encompasses many different roles. These include Leasing, Store Development, Project Management and Estates Management.

“Being a Facilities Manager we develop a wide range of skills but ultimately we are strong leaders who embody the company values. This allows us to easily transition into a variety of new roles, not just within the Expansion department but within many different functions across the H&M Group.” Anton, Facility Manager