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H&M Group is present in over 70 markets around the world and, therefore, as a global company our goal is to reflect the multicultural world of our colleagues and customers. 

We know that inclusion and diversity is a complex and layered topic, with ever-changing issues and challenges across the many countries and cultures in which we operate.  However, we maintain our goal that the culture we want to build is one where inclusion and diversity are always our priority. 

In the type of environment we want to foster, everyone can contribute to optimizing decision-making and team performance by reflecting, respecting and relating to our colleagues, customers and communities. There are many definitions of inclusion and diversity — for us, inclusion is diversity in action! Diversity is the mix of people, while inclusion is actively advocating for that mix. As a company, we want to embrace all interpretations. 

Since we opened our first store in the United States in 2000, H&M USA Group has strived to be a value-driven company, with over 17,000 colleagues in 48 states and Puerto Rico. As it is to our larger global organization, here in the U.S. inclusion and diversity is about who we are and who we want to be. It is about how we stay successful and relevant to customers and colleagues. 

We acknowledge our past mistakes and they have made us acutely aware of how much we still need to learn.  While we admit there is still work to be done, we have taken measurable steps on this journey. You can see the actions we have taken in the U.S. along with our U.S. employee demographic representation below, which offers greater transparency on our progress. 

Our Journey to date

H&M USA Data

*In accordance with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and legal regulations, the data is a self-identified list, which includes H&M Group US brands: H&M, COS, and &Other Stories.  **Per country legal regulations, the demographics shown does not include demographics from H&M Group Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. 


Our commitments

At H&M USA Group, we recognize the disparity that still exists for colleagues in the black community and other underrepresented groups and we commit to making changes that reflect the demographic of our community. This list is not exhaustive and these goals are in line with our overarching global commitments.

  • Revise our talent pipeline to double the percentage of black representation and increase representation for all underrepresented groups in management roles by 2022.
  • Provide leadership development training to enhance our succession planning process to prepare the next generation of leaders.
  • Host additional roundtable discussions to actively listen to our colleagues' perspectives, and curate cultural awareness experiences to celebrate diversity.
  • Prioritize diversity and inclusion training and workshops for all Store Managers and above roles.
  • Widen our partnerships with organizations and institutions that serve black and Hispanic communities to support talent pipeline goals and development.
  • Partner with and highlight minority-owned businesses and increase opportunities to collaborate with agencies, creatives and influencers of color.
  • In partnership with the H&M Global Group, we will assemble an External Advisory Council with business leaders from racially diverse backgrounds to contribute and advise on our business direction and ecosystem.
  • Provide annual reports on our progress and our people data.