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FAQ trainee programs

What Trainee Programs do you offer?

We have two trainee programs within the H&M group, Digital Growth Trainee Program and Business Tech Trainee Program.

What´s the biggest differences between the programs?

To keep it simple, either you´re tech with a touch of business or business with a touch of tech.

Both programs are linked to our digital transformation journey but within the Business Tech Trainee Program we see that you have a profound tech interest, with an academical background linked to Engineering, Data, IT or Tech. Most importantly, you see yourself working with tech within H&M Group providing tech solutions for the entire group.

The Digital Growth Trainee Program is also connected to our digital transformation journey within H&M Group but more looking at it from a business perspective. The shift towards an more digital customer experience and offer affects our way of working within many areas (anything from assortment to expansion and sales to name a few) and it´s within this shift that you will be placed as a trainee. Trainees taking part in the Digital Growth Trainee Program will most likely have a degree in Business or Engineering and an interest within digitalization.

How does the application work?

You apply to “H&M Group Trainee Programs” but when applying you answer which program you think would be the best fit based on profile and interest. During the first steps of the recruitment process, we will do a joint evaluation for both programs and then prior to the assessment days evaluate which program is the best fit based on your profile and preference.

What files do you want me to attach to my application?

We want you to upload your CV and proof of education. You don’t need to attach any written references in this step of the recruitment process.

Should I write my application in Swedish or English?

Please write your application in English.

When does the trainee programs run?

The trainee programs start in August 2022 and go on for 12 months.

When does the recruitment start?

The application period for the Trainee Programs is Nov 1st until Dec 13th 2021.

What happens after the last application date?

We will get back to you as soon as possible after last application day. As a first step in the recruitment process, selected candidates will conduct analytical web-tests and then a as a second step, video interviews.  If we believe you have what it takes you will be invited to virtual assessment days for each program in late January and beginning of February. Final interviews will be held in the end of February.

Do I need to speak Swedish to apply?

No, you don't need to speak Swedish to be eligible for the Trainee Programs. The only language that is mandatory is English.

Who will arrange with accommodation during the Trainee Programs?

For the Trainee Programs we offer a “relocation package” for candidates relocating to Sweden, more information about this will be provided to relevant candidates further down the recruitment process. If you are assigned a rotation/project outside of Sweden during the Digital Growth Trainee Program, we will arrange with accommodation for that specific location as well.

What happens after the program?

You´re set for different journeys depending on which program you take part in. If taking part in the Business Tech Trainee Program you will take on a permanent fulltime role within Business Tech after the program ends, as e.g. a Data Analyst, Software Engineer etc. Within the Digital Growth Program, you will take on a permanent fulltime role within the H&M Group linked to our digital transformation journey, either at the Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden or abroad within our regions.

How many trainees will be hired for each program?

For each program we´re looking to hire roughly 10 Trainees, so in total we will hire around 20 trainees.

Am I able to change my application after sending it in? For example, update my CV?

You can add documents to your application by logging into your Smart Recruiters account, which you can create after applying to H&M Group Trainee Programs.

I have a friend that works within the H&M group. Can they refer me to the trainee programs?

Yes! They can refer you via “Internal Careers” by searching for the job opening and clicking “refer”.