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Role: E-commerce Visual Merchandiser

Bachelor degree in Information Design and illustration

Journey so far:
Started as an Online Visual Merchandiser for Russia responsible for the concepts Men, Home and Kids. Now I’m working in Central Europe, working with Kids and Home.

Hi Madelaine, can you tell us a about who you are and what you do in your role as E-commerce Visual Merchandiser? How is a typical day?
Hi! I have been working at Online Sales since 2016. I was working as an Online Content Manager at an interior design retailer when a friend told me about her new job at H&M as an E-commerce Visual Merchandiser.  She was so enthusiastic and spoke so highly about her new position and the organization that I got intrigued.

In the role as E-commerce Visual Merchandiser I am managing the online store from a visual perspective. This includes product placement, image and copy decisions and securing our multichannel communication and branding. Our goal is to create the best and most inspiring store for our customers. To make this happen we analyze the traffic on the site and follow our customers’ journey online. We look into what the customers are interested in and what kind of products we are selling, we use several kinds of tools and selling reports to understand our customer in the best way. The most fun part of the job is the variety, I really get to use all my skills – my visual eye, strategical thinking, be analytical and use my knowledge in various CMS. And of course, the teamwork within the team, for example we work very close with our E-commerce Merchandisers. We always have an ongoing dialog where we bring our different point of views together to pinpoint our customers’ needs and wants.

Sounds fun and inspiring! What is the best part with working with E-commerce?
I think e-commerce is where the retail future lies! It is an ever-changing and fast paced environment, which really inspires me. The amazing part is that we through analysis can learn so much about our customer and quickly see results when we act on what they are telling us. The actions we take can quickly effect traffic and improve the selling.

Alright, now we know more about the role. How is the Online Sales office and how would you describe the atmosphere?
The office is a very dynamic and social place, where the team spirit is very strong! You always have someone to bounce your ideas with or take a quick catch up with. I think we are good at challenging ourselves and each other to improve and become better every day. In my daily work, I see Constant Improvement and We Believe In People, two of our core values, as very central. We all grow together and it’s a luxury to work close to so many brilliant people!