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Role: Head of Merchandising at Online Sales, Japan & Korea market

Background: Master of Science, Business and Economics Lunds University, Nanyang university Singapore, Rikkyo university Tokyo

Hi Emma, who are you?
Hi, I joined H&M 6 years ago.  I have always wanted to work at an international company and with my interest in the fashion industry, combined with my business education I felt that H&M would be the perfect workplace for me. So, I was very happy when H&M called and said I got the job as a Business Controller 6 years ago. Since then it’s been a really exciting journey!

Tell us more about your exciting journey so far?

I joined H&M in 2012, started as a Business Controller at the Buying Office. After that I moved on to merchandising store side in Sweden and worked there for 2 years. In May 2017 H&M opened the first store in Colombia and I got the opportunity to join the Colombia team as a Head of Merchandiser for almost a year. I grew a lot during this year, both in my work life but also personal development. After my time in Colombia I knew that I wanted to learn about e -commerce, so I was very happy when I joined Online Sales as a Business Controller last year and opened online selling in India. In January this year I started as a Head of Merch for Japan and Korea.

Tell us more about your everyday life at the office? How is a typical day for you?
At Online Sales I would say there is no “typical day”, every day is different.

We start of the week on Monday with focusing only on selling, looking at how the previous week performed. Together with the team we look at the learnings and what actions we need to take going forward, both short term and long term. Every week we also make sure to look over the commercial plan the coming weeks, make sure it feels relevant for the customer.

The rest of the week can vary a lot depending on where in the season we are. At the moment we are in the middle of mid-season sale, so lots of focus in planning and executing sale, and next week will be focus on sale follow up and actions.

So, to answer your question, it’s really hard to describe a “typical day”, since everyday differs, but that is also what I think is so much fun with this role, you never get bored!

You have been working as Merchandise Manager but for store side earlier, what’s the biggest difference today working with e-commerce?
The biggest different is that at online you only have “one store” and that is the digital store. Since we can look into selling and the customer behavior in an hourly level we can take daily action to give the customer the best and most relevant offer as possible, hence we can be more flexible and take even faster actions. The customers online also expect to have more updates and renewal on site so we need to make sure to everyday secure and update the site after the customers demand.

What is your favorite part in the role as Head of Merchandising at Online Sales?
The teamwork! To set goals and strategies with the team and together reach the common goals. To create an open and creative environment in the team, where everyone can affect the result. We can on a daily basis see the result of our action and influence the selling. It’s so exciting and gives me kicks every time!  But also set more long terms goals, a vision, and together with the team make sure that our everyday actions are leading us to where we want to be in 1 and 5 years.

But the most fun part of my role is to work together with so talented and brilliant people from different backgrounds and different skills. To learn from each other and share knowledge to be able to take the best decisions.

How would you describe H&M Online Sales in 3 words?
Teamwork, Growth, Future… and FUN!  So 4 words!