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Role and market: Head of Visual Merchandising, West Europe market

Background: Sales Advisor (London), Visual Merchandiser (London/Stockholm), Online Visual Merchandiser (South Europe), Online Business Expert, Online Global Visual Merchandiser and E-commerce Head of Visual Merchandising (West Europe market)

Hi Carlo, who are you?
Hi! I joined H&M in 2012 and today I work as Head of Visual Merchandising at Online Sales at the Head Office in Stockholm. I am passionate about E-Commerce and I am very enthusiastic about the growth journey ahead of us!

Tell us about your journey so far?

My journey at H&M started in London where I worked as a Sales Advisor and Visual Merchandiser. In 2014, I had the opportunity to move to Sweden where I have continued my journey within Visual Merchandising and then I joined Online Sales which has been my second home so far. Within Online Sales I have worked as Online Visual Merchandiser, Online Business Expert, Online Global Visual Merchandiser and today I am Head of Visual Merchandising at Online Sales for West Europe.

What do you do as Head of Visual Merchandising at Online Sales?
The Visual Merchandising function at Online Sales has the responsibility to maximize sales by presenting the most commercial online store possible.

As Head of Visual Merchandising I am responsible for leading the team in the process of presenting a clear story towards our customers which includes many parts such as analysis, commercial planning and execution as well as having staff responsibility for the team.

We work closely with the Merchandising function to ensure the best customer offer and Visual Merchandisers analyze customer engagement in order to deliver the best shopping experience at all times.

What is your favorite part of the role as Head of Visual Merchandising at Online Sales?
The people! I love to be surrounded by colleagues, ideas, engagement and motivation. 

As a leader I have the responsibility to lead us towards our business goals and support people development which is a fantastic combination. Talent development is the engine of any business, I enjoy taking the time to discuss individual goals and I actively support my colleague’s growth. We focus on our strengths and we use them as a tool to achieve goals and support each other. Leadership is an exciting adventure which comes with new opportunities everyday and I can´t wait for more to come.

What’s the most challenging part of the role?
The pace is fast and the journey ahead of us is yet to be explored. We need to be able to keep up the speed to ensure that customer experience is always current and inspiring.

The digital world is in continuous development which requires confidence and great team work. It is challenging but it is also a lot fun because there are so many opportunities to be caught. Such a pace gives us the chance to test, learn and improve which is a great source of motivation.

You seem to enjoy your role! What’s most fun working with e-commerce?
We are one click away from the customers and we are always ready to improve their shopping experience. We have the knowledge and the tools to make sure that we provide our customers with what they are looking for. Customer´s expectations are high, and we do our best to fulfill them by identifying their engagement on site. They ask, we act!