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Leadership as a concept is both obvious and elusive. And that’s exactly why we created the Leadership Training Program, also simply known as “LTP.”

At H&M, we offer training programs for both undergrad and MBA graduates. Both programs are located in our NY/NJ Support Offices and allow trainees the opportunity to learn firsthand from industry experts working across several key functions. Potential rotations include working with Merchandising, Controlling, Logistics, Human Resources and Marketing, all in an effort to foster the leaders of tomorrow. You can expect to work alongside exceptional coaches and mentors who will help guide your development throughout the program.

Due to the nature of retail, we can’t forecast your exact rotation, but your experience will be tailored to evolving business needs which will ensure you get the most relevant experience for the industry. You’ll end the program prepared for the exciting, ever-changing retail landscape with the variety of skills and experience required for today.

After completion of the 12 month rotational program, trainees must be willing to relocate throughout the country based on business needs.

Sound like a lot? It is. We’ve designed the program to accurately reflect the realities of the changing retail environment.

Naturally, you’ve got some questions… please contact our Campus Concierge for any and all additional information.


Q1: What sets H&M’s student program apart?

A1: H&M possesses a unique place within the business world, in which we seamlessly blend culture, values, scale, and design to create a truly distinct learning experience.

Q2: What are the dates for the Leadership Training Program?

A2: June 24, 2019

Q3: What does the application process look like?

A3: The H&M Recruitment team visits several campuses nationwide to meet candidates like you! The first step is attending a Corporate Presentation for current MBA students or contact at a job fair for undergraduates. We then conduct an on-campus interview followed by an assessment day in our New York City Support Office.

If we do not come to your school, please feel free to send your resume to our Concierge. Technology is our friend and we are open to interviewing candidates virtually.

Q4: Where is the LTP operated from, and do candidates need to relocate?

A4: The bulk of the program is located in our Support Office in NYC, with the Logistics arm being run out of Secaucus, NJ. All applicants must be able to work out of these spaces.

Following the 12-month program, we will be offering permanent roles to high-performing trainees based on company needs countrywide, which may naturally warrant relocation.

Q5: So who’s eligible?

A5: For LTP, you must be graduating in Spring 2019 with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and an equivalent for [UNDERGRAD PROGRAM NAME]. It’s important to point out that we do not provide visa sponsorship.

Q6: Do you have opportunities for students throughout the school year?

A6: While we so appreciate your interest in careers at H&M, we do not currently offer any training or internship programs during the academic calendar year.

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