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Background: Master of Laws, Uppsala University, 2013
Role: Online Merchandiser
Journey so far: Previously Online Merchandiser for Menswear and Home for Russia. Now responsible for Ladies and Divided in Russia.

Hi Savannah, who are you and how did you end up as an Online Merchandiser at H&M?
Hi! I am a fashion e-commerce enthusiast with experience from running my own online shop for several years, and later working at an investment company that specialized in digital consumer brands. I joined H&M because I wanted to work in an international online retail company and be more hands on in commercial decision making than I had been in my previous position. Online Merchandiser at H&M was a great fit and great opportunity to do just that, and at the same time have ownership over a concept and market.

Sounds like you really like your job, can you tell us more about it?
Of course! One of the best things about being an Online Merchandiser at H&M Online Sales is that you have the opportunity to work as if you have your own small company within the company. In our Merchandiser team, we set our own strategic goals, make the commercial plan to reach our goals and execute everything in collaboration with the Visual Merchandiser team. I really enjoy working in a team of passionate and clever co-workers, H&M offers a fun and inspiring working culture that is difficult to find!

You mention your team, how does the collaboration look like?
I spend the most of my time with my team, both Merchandisers and Visual Merchandisers, as well as Business Controllers and the Head of Merchandising for my market. We plan and execute the commercial strategy every day, and we have a lot of fun in doing so. I also spend a lot of time discussing and sharing knowledge with other market teams, in order to learn from each other and improve even more. On a weekly basis, we analyze last week’s selling and evaluate our commercial strategy – did we reach our sales targets and what tendencies can we see? How did our customer respond to offers and what actions should we take going forward? I love that e-commerce is fast pace and in constant change, that its global and that we can see and measure the results from our actions quickly and with higher accuracy than in traditional retail.