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Background: Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from Lund University, 2015
Role: Online Visual Merchandiser
Journey so far: Previously Online Visual Merchandiser for Kids, Men and Home. Now handling general content and long term business improvements for Central Europe.

Hi Linus! Tell us what you do as an Online Visual Merchandiser?
I am currently working as an Online Visual Merchandiser for multiple countries within Central Europe. Together with my team, I have full ownership of the website from a visual perspective. This includes product placement, image and copy decisions. Traffic and selling analysis is also an important part of my role, which I find the most fun with my job! Feeling confident and enjoy working with tools such as Google Analytics, Excel, and various CMS is important in our work. 

Sounds exciting! What would you say is the most fun part of your role?
The best part of working online is to have the data and customer insights in the palm of your hands. This makes it easier to take actions relevant to our daily business. Another inspiring part of working with e-commerce is that your work can also be seen by customers in other countries different from your own.

I am very fascinated by the growing phenomena of e-commerce and how it affects our daily lives. I was a frequent online customer at H&M even before I started to work here and I early saw its benefits but also its limitations from a customer perspective. That is why I applied at to H&M Online Sales, I wanted to make a difference! From a job perspective, H&M lived up to my criteria of being a large Swedish company with international working possibilities in the future.

H&M is a value driven company, can you give an example about how you use the values in your daily work?
Of course! For me it is very important that our values are reflected in my daily work where “Entrepreneurial spirit” is the value that I find most important when working with e-commerce. We always have to be in the forefront to improve the online business and come up with new ideas to make our selling grow.

Another important value for me is “We are one team”. Great ideas can always become better with a second opinion.  At H&M we do not talk about our values, we live them in everyday lives. If you share our values, you will really thrive at H&M.

We heard that you are quite adventurous, is that true?
Well, I am an easy-going person who likes to take it casual and enjoy spending time with friends over dinner. From time to time I leave the simple life for adventurous trips, where extreme sports are a big part of my life, for example off-piste skiing in Japan, Bungy Jump in New Zealand, and lately achieved a 300-km bicycle race around Sweden’s longest lake Vättern.