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Jesper Widman

Name: Jesper Widman
Role: IT Division Manager, Enterprise Applications
studied Industrial Engineering and Management at LiTH (1990-1995). Worked as a consultant for many years. Employed at H&M since 2010.
H&M journey so far: 
started my H&M journey as Development Lead for one of our SAP programs. Continued my journey as IT Program Manager and are now Division Manager for Enterprise Applications

What is the best part about working with SAP at H&M?

H&M is a truly dynamic company. We have been fortunate in recruiting a lot of very skilled people with the right personality that I truly enjoy working with! There are a lot of interesting initiatives and projects related to digitalization, advanced analytics and supply chain and many of them are supported by various SAP solutions. There is a technology shift in progress where old solutions related to sales (store and online), purchasing, logistics, finance, CRM etc. are being replaced by new. Many of the ongoing- and future initiatives within the H&M Group are based partly on SAP solutions and some of the solutions are a result of co-solutioning between H&M and SAP. SAP solutions are, simply put, a central part of our technology foundation, which makes it very interesting to work with!

What technological initiatives are H&M looking at for 2018?

  • There are a lot of things happening which impact the technology platforms. Some examples of new technologies being deployed are:
  • CAR (used as the main Seamless platform to keep track of ie inventory)
  • SAP Cloud Platform being used for several projects ao Click & Collect
  • ILM being used for GDPR
  • The shift towards HANA continues

Since you have extensive work experience and have gained insight in many different companies, what would you say are the things that differentiates H&M as an employer?
There are several things, but if I need to choose I would pick the following:

  • The values – they are an integral part of the day to day business and are present everywhere. One example – I was in a Store doing a practice day. The store manager started the day with a small exercise with the store associated related to the H&M value “We are one team”. It just took 15 minutes. Small injections continuously give effect.
  • Many interesting initiatives – as I mentioned a lot of things are going on and most of them are aiming forward and upwards. I like change and new challenges and need this type of environment to get energy.
  • Flat organization – H&M is one of the largest companies in Sweden but the organization is very flat and un-hierarchical. Everyone is not just allowed but expected to make decisions and take own initiative. The top management is very present and the doors are always open. We are all encouraged to speak our minds! This is very important to me.
  • The people – last but not least; the colleagues. I want to be in an organization where I can get inspired and learn from the people around me. This is definitely the case at H&M. People come from many different backgrounds, which gives me completely new insights and points of view and makes sure I always learn and grow as an individual.

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