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Amir Farrahi

Name: Amir Farrahi
SAP Application Expert within FA Merch
Master of Science in Informatics, Supply Chain Consultant with a business process and Logistics background 
H&M journey so far: started out as an Application Expert consultant within H&M’s Online Expansion Program. Joined H&M as an employee one year ago, working with SAP solutions for merchandising at the IT department.

Why do you enjoy working at H&M and what do you do today?

Throughout my career I have always been interested in how fashion and retail are being affected by the evolving consuming behavior at the hand of technology. The retail industry is growing rapidly and it`s potential is enormous. H&M as a group is investing in technologies and solutions to support the future Omnichannel model, a customer experience that is truly seamless. As SAP Application Expert I get to be in the middle of this movement.

I am currently working as a SAP Application Expert within the Merchandising team. To summarize, my responsibilities are full-cycle project implementations that include business requirement analysis, design, development, test and deployment releases. We are a great team that collaborates to get all parts together, which is great fun!

In what way does your job contribute to our business?
With efficient merchandising solutions, we can secure that the right garment is at the right place at the right time, at the right price. My contribution is to provide technical expertise and support on the development and delivery of these solutions.

What is the most fun about your job?
The opportunity to work in an international company and in a dynamic team with a strong passion for delivering advanced solutions in a fast-moving business environment. I also like that we as one team are encouraging entrepreneurial thinking which makes us deliver innovative solutions with new features and functionalities.

H&M is a value driven company, can you give an example on how you use the values in your daily work?
All our values are reflected in our day-to-day activities. One of the values which define our way of working is the believe in people and the encouragement given to achieve full potential. We work with a complex solution and it`s important to take advantage of every ones expertise. We truly believe that we perform better as one team working together than as individuals. The team spirit is high!

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