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Sarah Lindeberg

Name: Sarah Lindeberg
E-commerce Business Controller (South Korean market), Online Sales, Stockholm
Master of Science in Business and Economics from School of Business, Economics, and Law, Gothenburg, 2014.

Hi, who are you?
Hi! I am Sarah and I joined H&M and Online Sales as a Business Controller in 2016. I have always been a fan of H&M as a company and it has been top of mind for me as a costumer since I was a kid. I used to make marks in the catalogue as a wishing list that of course was completely unrealistic since I basically marked everything!

After university I worked at one of the big auditor firms for a few years. I had friends and friends of friends who worked at H&M and was intrigued by the fast pace and company culture they talked about. This in combination with my fashion interest and love for the brand made me think about it more and more, so I attended an event for young professionals at the Head Office and I got so inspired! It was everything from the culture and pace like I mentioned before, to being able to together with your team drive a part of this big company basically as your own.

Tell us about your journey so far?
I work as a Business Controller and have been part of starting up the South Korean e-commerce market that opened just before I started. It has been an amazing journey and I have had so much fun and learnt so much on the way. I look forward to a career within the H&M group and it feels like you can do anything here and it is not set in stone what your next step is. You can even change direction completely if that is what you desire.

What do you do then as a Business Controller?
I work with maximizing sales in the most profitable way for the South Korean market online together with the team. It sounds very big and fluffy, which is also a part of why it is so fun! I am overall responsible for the planning of long and short-term goals regarding selling and reductions and the stock and buying levels which also includes identifying risks and potentials. To be able to do this I analyze the selling and identify actions. I also take actions on our buying and stock levels to secure that we have what the customer wants when they want it.

Of course, there are many ways to do it and since I work with a market that is quite new we test a lot of new things. Something that was a surprise when I started was that when you have a new idea you are more than welcome to try it out and then come back with your learnings!

What is most fun about your job?
I would say two things that both are regarding that you really can affect within your part! For instance, to come up with an idea, test it and then to get the receipt that it is actually working and also that you in e-commerce can take actions to influence the selling and see the results immediately, both are super exciting!

What has been your biggest challenge?
To set the limit for yourself of what is “nice to know” and what you “need to know”. In e-commerce we have so much data and it is fun to do the analysis. If you, like me, are a curious person you need to stop yourself sometimes and ask what action you can actually take based on what you are looking at or if you are just analyzing because it is “nice to know”.  It is key to be able to keep it simple!

Speaking of actions, what smart business action are you most proud of?
Of course, there are a lot of things we can’t really talk about, but overall, I would say that what I am most proud of is my part in setting a new strategy for our market with a lot of testing and high growth goals. That we as a team also have reached our high goals that at first seemed impossible makes me even more proud!

What is fun working with e-commerce?
The speed and all the testing! It is very exciting that you can do the analysis, take actions on site, see the effect in the selling and all this within the hour. Mondays for us are not like in other workplaces, even though we of course track the selling live everyday -  on Mondays we really dig into last week’s selling and set actions for the rest of week.  Always a fun day!

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