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David Lunding Johansson

Name: David Lunding Johansson

Role: Business Controller at Divided Shoes and Accessories, Assortment

Background: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Economics, University of Mary Washington. Sales experience from one of the large staffing companies in Sweden.

Hi, who are you?
Hi! I´m David Lunding Johansson and I´m a Business Controller at Assortment since June ’19. I am a born and raised Stockholmer, who spent four years in the US to get my bachelor’s degree and play some competitive college tennis. I am the full out sports lover that need clear goals to strive towards, and a committed team, who shares the same desire as myself. It was quite natural that I initially chose the sales path, once back in Stockholm. After a few years in that field, however, I got tired of prioritizing volume over qualitative work, and decided to look for more analytical positions. That’s when H&M and the Business Controller position came into my life.

Tell us about your journey so far?
I have been with H&M for about nine months now and have gone from the lost rookie to somebody who has found a clear role and purpose at the section I work. I got a very thorough two-week introduction and a direct following four-week handover, before gaining full responsibility of my section. The journey since, has been both challenging and entertaining. It took me awhile to figure out the daily routines in order to achieve weekly goals and I have had to stay patient to find a way to become productive and contributive to the section. I have gotten great support from my colleagues around me and currently feel very confident in the assortment we have built together, and the future results it will create.

What do you do then as a Business Controller?
I am the lone Business Controller at a section of 22 colleagues and is supposed to bring an analytical mindset to the table. My greatest purpose is to drive long term growth of the product niche that I work with, and everything starts by analyzing our selling data that is being updated on a weekly basis. I try to identify what types and products that perform well or don’t, in what markets they do and don’t, in what colors, at what price point and in what timing. . We got endless possibilities to dig deep in the data, but it´s  key to identify what information is really important and can have an impact once translated into action. After performing an analysis and a conclusion, I have to turn that into action and a strategy regarding what and how much we should buy, to what market and in what timing.

Basically, it is all about getting to know our customer on a global and regional level through analyzing the selling data, and to make sure that they can buy the demanded products in our store the next time they come back.

What is most fun about your job?
I believe the most fun part about my job is that I get to drive result through analysis, and that I get to do it together with my team. I drive the actions based on the analysis that I perform, so I don’t hand my work over to somebody else that gets to do half the fun. It is a great responsibility and I can really feel that my work contributes to the larger purpose within my section, and the entire concept.

What has been your biggest challenge?
I think it has been to get to the point, where I can actually contribute to our team with new insights that can improve our results. It is a long learning curve and I work with experienced colleagues that know our products inside out. It has required true patience and it has been frustrating at some points, but it has definitely been worth the while!