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FAQ Patternmaker

I want to practice at H&M
Students at Fashion design schools with a technical specialization
aiming for BA or MA qualifications are welcome to apply. The placement has to take place during educational period, before graduation. The student has to be fluent in English.

I want to educate myself to a pattern maker, what training do you recommend? 
There are many good programs in Sweden eg. University of Textiles in Borås. Patterncutting Academy in Gothenburg have DIRECTRESS education working with Lectra which is the software H & M work with. There are many universitys for pattern making/ technical design around the world.

Do I need an education to get a job as a patternmaker assistant?
We recuire a textile backround with sewing and patternmaking of at least 3,5 years. We also value work experience in pattern making and sewing. Training in software Lectra is an advantage. You have to be
fluent in English to be able to work in Buying office.

How do I apply for a job at the Buying office?
We only accept job applications through our website www.

What files you want me to attach to my application?
We want you to upload your CV and personal letter in your application. We also accept letters of recommendation or grades from universities, but this is not necessary.

I get an error message when I send in the application, what should I do?
The error message may be due to system maintenance, please try again later.

When is the application deadline for the position?
Since H&M is growing rapidly, we have a great need for new talent, and therefore we are looking for Patternmaker Assistants regularly throughout the year.Thus, there is no application deadline, the ad is up continuously except for short breaks over Christmas and summer and for maintenance.

Do you prefer the application in English or Swedish?
We have no preferences regarding language choice on your application, both Swedish and English works fine.

Are you looking for both novice and experienced for the position of Patternmaker Assistant?
We are looking for people who are all from newly graduated to more
experienced to the position of Patternmaker Assistant. The most
important thing for us is to find people with the right match against the criteria we have for the position; genuine interest for fashion, fit and technical solutions. Also  result orientated, leadership skilled and with a personality that allows one to identify with H & M's values ​​and culture at H&M. There are various responsibilities and many side missions and projects. That's why we hire candidates with different levels of experience to the role.

What are you looking in your future Patternmaker Assistants?
A genuine interest for fashion, fit and technical solutions. Also  result orientated, leadership skilled and with a personality that allows one to identify with H & M's values ​​and culture.

When is the start date for the position?
Since we recruit Patternmakers Assistants throughout the year, we have no fixed start date. We tend to be pretty flexible with the start date but we must also take into account the current situation  and our specific needs at the moment.

Do I need to speak Swedish to apply for the job?
You do not need to speak Swedish to apply for the job, but if you get the job as Patternmaker Assistant at H&M in Sweden we would like you to have the ambition to learn Swedish.

Is it possible to work as a Patternmaker Assistant in other cities in Sweden than Stockholm?
All our positions for H&M is based in the Buying Office in Stockholm.

I am interested in working abroad, for example in production. Is that possible?
H & M is a global company and there may be opportunities for an international career. As a Paternmaker, you can in some cases continue your career in production abroad.

How long do you work as a Patternmaker Assistant before moving on?
At H&M, it is your performance, your ambition and interest that determines your next step. Usually you work as a Patternmaker Assistant for 2-3 years before you are ready to move on.

What career opportunities are available as Patternmaker Assistant at H & M?
H&M is growing rapidly and therefor we are constantly looking for talents to fill new functions and roles, but it is always your own interest and ambition that determines what your career looks like. We recruit future leaders who want to grow with us, so there are great career/development opportunities at H&M.

Do you offer summer jobs or extra work?
We do not have the possibility to offer summer job or extra job for Patternmaker Assistants. However,you can apply to work in our stores, which is a great experience if you want to have a carrier within H&M. You register your interest via the website.

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