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FAQ H&M’s International Trainee program

What files do you want me to attach to my application?
We want you to upload your CV, personal letter and your grades from university in your application. You don’t need to attach any written references in this step in the recruitment process.

My files with CV, personal letter and grades are too heavy to upload. What should I do?
Try to save the documents together in one file, preferably in PDF or zip format. If the attachment is still too heavy to upload you can make a notification about that in your personal letter and we will then ask for the attachments later in the process.

I get an error message when I send in the application, what should I do?
The error message may be due to system maintenance, please try again later.

When does H&M’s International Trainee Program start and how long is the program?
H&M’s International Talent Program start in September every year & runs for 12 month.

Who can apply to the H&M’s International Trainee Program?
We are looking for newly graduated students within business and/or engineering. Any specialization within our studies is fine.

Do I need to speak Swedish to apply?
You do not need to speak Swedish to apply for the program. Fluent English is required, while fluency in other languages is meriting. 

In what countries can the placements abroad take place?
The placements can be in all countries where we are located which means that we are looking to hire candidates who are flexible on location. We will not send somewhere where it isn´t safe to work and live in.  



Can I apply for several Trainee programs at H&M?

At H&M we have three different trainee programs with different content and positions. For us it´s important that you get the best start possible at H&M, therefore we want you to choose the program that suits you the best. For that reason, we recommend you to apply for only one of the programs. We hope that you will find all the information that you need here!



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