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FAQ Designer

There are no ads that fit my profile, do I have to wait for the right ad before applying? 
If you’re an accessory/shoe/denim designer (or any other specialty) you can upload your application through our Fashion Design-ads. Just state in your personal letter which is your specialty.

What should my design application contain?
An application should contain a cover letter, CV and digital portfolio.

I can’t upload my digital portfolio?
You can upload files that are up to 5 MB per file. If your portfolio is bigger than that, please divided it into more than one file and upload each file separately.   

What should my digital portfolio contain?

  • A digital portfolio should contain diverse images of your work showing your design process and design skill.
  • For Fashion Design applications, we would like to see garment idea sketches, technical flat sketches, mood boards, development work, pages from sketchbooks, finished designs etc.
  • For Printed Textile Design applications, we would like to see print ideas, detailed hand-drawings, final designs and repeats, pages from sketchbooks, development work etc.
  • Please upload images from a variety of projects in either JPEG or PDF format. Please limit to 5MB per file.

In which countries can I work as designer?
H&M Buying and Design Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. From here, we design and develop our global collections for all H&M markets.

What are the possibilities for design student placements and internships?
We offer a Student Placement for students that are still undertaking their education and internship for newly graduates.

Design Student Placement period; June-August. 3 months in total.
Design students at Fashion or Textile Design Schools and aiming for BA or MA qualifications are welcome to apply. The placement should take place during your educational period, before your graduation.

Design Internship period; September-February. 6 months in total.
Recent graduates with BA or MA qualifications are welcome to apply.
The internship should start the same year as your graduation. If the graduation is later than September you can apply for the following year.

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