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Does H&M offer Internship within buying?
We only accept applications for student placement from students that are studying a relevant education and have a placement period as part of their education. We advertise at the career page when we recruit for student placements.

If I want to study to become a Buyer, what schools do you recommend?
There are many good schools that offer relevant educations e.g Textilhögskolan in Borås, Stockholms Internationella Handelsskola, Nordiska Textilakademin. There are also many international schools that offer relevant educations, such as: London Collage of Fashion, Manchester Metropolitan University, Nottingham Trent University, Westminster University, Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Do I need an education to get a job as an Assistant Buyer?
We require that you have relevant working experience or an education within textile/fashion/buying/e-commerce. We don’t have any definitive requirements for education, but since the competition is fierce it is common that you need both relevant education and work life experience form the industry.

I want to gain relevant experience, what do you recommend?
We see all experience from buying, store, sale and/or online business, preferably from positions of responsibility within the fashion industry as relevant.

How do I apply for a job at the Buying Office?
We only accept applications through our website .

What files do you want me to attach to my application?
A complete application requires CV and cover letter. We also accept grades and letters of recommendation event though it is not mandatory.

I get an error message when I send in the application, what should I do?
The error message may be due to system maintenance, please try again later.

When is the application deadline for the position?
Since H&M is growing rapidly, we have a great need for new talent, and therefore we are looking for Assistant Buyer regularly throughout the year and therefore there is no application deadline.

Do you prefer the application in English or Swedish?
We prefer the application to be in English.

Are you looking for both inexperienced and experienced candidates for the position as Assistant Buyer?
We are looking for candidates on a broad base, from newly graduated to experienced buyers. Most important for us is to find people that match the criteria we have for the position; genuine interest in fashion, business sense, result orientation, leadership skills and a personality that match our culture and values. Most common is to start as an Assistant Buyer regardless of previous experience to learn the “H&M-way”.

Does H&M recruit for Buyer positions?
We rarely recruit for Buyer positions directly even though we do on some occasions. When we recruit for Buyers we advertise on the career page as usual. We recruit future Buyers through the position of Assistant Buyer since we believe in the value internal succession.

What is the recruitment process like?
The recruitment process consists of an application review, telephone interview, interview day, followed by interviews within our buying departments and reference checks.

Are you looking for Assistant Buyers for a specific department?
If the ad does not explicitly state that we are looking for candidates to a specific concept, it is a general ad for all our departments and concepts, meaning it regards buying within clothing, accessories or cosmetics. The matching towards a specific department will take place after the Interview day considering each candidates profile and the situation in each department.

When is the starting date for the position?
Since we recruit Assistant Buyers throughout the year, we have no fixed starting date. We tend to be flexible but take the current situation and our specific needs in consideration.

Do I need to speak Swedish to apply for the job?
You do not need to speak Swedish to apply for the job, but if we hire you as an Assistant Buyer in Sweden we encourage you to learn Swedish even though our corporate language is English.

Is it possible to work as a Assistant Buyer in other cities in Sweden than Stockholm?
At H&M we only have one Buying Office and it is located in Stockholm, Sweden. All the buying positions are based here.

I am interested in working abroad, for example in Production. Is that possible?
H&M is a global company and there are great opopportunities for an international career. The role as Assistant Buyer lays a good foundation for working abroad. You can for example work in one of our sales markets or in production.

How long do you work as an Assistant Buyer before moving on?
At H&M it is your performance, your ambition and interest that determines your next step. How fast you develop in the role differs but usually you work as an Assistant Buyer for a couple of years before you are ready to move on.

What career opportunities are available for an Assistant Buyer at H&M?
H&M is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for talents to fill new functions and roles. The role as Assistant Buyer lays a good foundation for an exciting career in the company but it is always your own interest and ambition that determines what your career will look like. We recruit future leaders who want to grow with us, so there are many great career and development opportunities at H&M.

Do you offer summer/seasonal jobs as Assistant Buyer?
We do not have the possibility to offer summer jobs or part time jobs for Assistant Buyer. However, you can apply to work in our stores, which is a great experience if you want to have a career within the Buying Office. Please check our current vacancies under Available Jobs.

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