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Linus Nolgren

MSc in International Business and Trade from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law.
Online Business Controller (BC) at the Global Buying Office, Stockholm, Sweden.
Journey so far
Summer Internship as a BC at Girls in 2014. Started working full time as a BC at Kids Shoes and then as an Online BC at Ladies L.O.G.G., Sport and Denim. Currently working as a Project manager at Business Development.

Hi, who are you?
My name is Linus, originally from a suburb outside Gothenburg, but now living in Stockholm since two years back. I really enjoy travelling, going to restaurants and listening to great music. Currently, I work alongside a group of fantastically talented buyers, designers and pattern makers as a Business Controller at the Global Buying Office. Together, we create and buy part of the ladies’ assortment for H&M.   

Why did you choose to apply to the H&M Summer Internship?
To me, it all started when a group from H&M came to talk about the company at my university during a lunch presentation. I was intrigued by the seemingly endless career opportunities – the fact that all of them had worked in several countries and within different areas really got my attention. Also, I felt that the company values went hand in hand with my own – H&M is a company that wants to act responsibly and look after its employees. With this in mind, I saw the internship as a great chance to experience what it’s like to work in one of the world’s largest fashion retailers. To me, it was a great match.   

What was the internship like?
The main part of the internship is spent sitting next to an experienced Business Controller, taking part in the everyday work. What’s clear from day one is that as a Business Controller at H&M, you’re expected to take a leadership role in your team. You’re basically acting as a CFO for a smaller part of the H&M organization, working alongside buyers, designers and pattern makers, making sure that we maximize the business worldwide. Moreover, all interns attend seminars with top management leaders from different parts of the organization such as Sales, Production, Marketing, Expansion and Sustainability among others. This gives a great overview of the whole company, as well as an understanding of the immense career paths available.

Tell us about your best memory from the Summer internship?
From my perspective, the best thing about the internship was the responsibility and the chance to contribute you get, right from the start. What I remember especially was when I was given the ownership of one part of the collection, basically working directly with the rest of the team myself. It felt really inspiring to be given the confidence to analyze and take actions for millions of SEK, after only a couple of weeks at work.

Did you learn anything during the internship that you used in the Business Controller role?
Plenty. Coming from the academical world, where it’s more about formality and method, the culture and focus at H&M is quite different. Here, it’s more about what you do than how you do it. At the beginning, you are shocked by the tempo that people work in. There’s indefinite amounts of data and things to do – but you really need to learn to prioritize. To me, it was eye-opening to get the chance to work in an environment where you always need to focus on what will make the biggest impact and not wait with an action. This is something that I for sure have great help from today as well.   

What´s the best part of working as a Business Controller at H&M?
I find the variety and the high degree of autonomy really satisfying. Working alongside people with totally different backgrounds, both when it comes to education but also nationality, culture etc. creates a very dynamic and fun workplace. Also, I really enjoy the fact that you get to both build the strategy for your concept, see it through and thereafter take actions to improve it. Working with something as fast moving as fashion, you always need to be on your toes, be open to new ideas and work together with your team to create the best customer offer.

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