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MSc in Economics and Business Administration, International Marketing and Management, from Copenhagen Business School

Business Controller, Business Units, Stockholm Sweden.

Journey so far
I completed the Summer Internship at H&M`s Business Units office in 2017. One year later, after finishing my studies, I took on my first independent role as business controller at the buying office where I have been since.

Hi, who are you?
I am Emelie, originally from Gothenburg but moved to Stockholm one year ago after living abroad for a couple of years. Currently I am working with the Ladies Trend collection which is a lot of fun if you, like me, love working in a fast-paced environment. When I am not working I love running, hiking and have recently also got hooked on paddle boarding.

Why did you choose to apply to the H&M Summer Internship?
I have always been interested in pursuing an international career within the retail industry. Therefore, applying for an internship at one of the world’s leading fashion retailer felt like an exciting opportunity.

What was the internship like?
The internship was a great opportunity to get insight into H&M as a company and the role of a Business Controller. I worked very close with my inspiring mentor who was an experienced Business Controller. From day one, she and the rest of the team asked me “What do you think about this?”. The ability to affect business from day one was not something I expected from an internship, but it was thrilling. I also appreciated the great opportunity to attend seminars with some of H&M`s most inspiring top leaders from different parts of the organization such as Sales, Marketing, Expansion and Sustainability among others. And of course, not to forget, I appreciated all fun afterworks with other interns!

Tell us about your best memory from the Summer internship?
During one of my first days at H&M my mentor asked me to do an analysis about which colors to offer on one of our new t-shirts. By using selling data from previous seasons and having discussions with buyers and designers in the team, I suggested a green color. Without even looking deeper into my analysis my mentor trusted me and took the decision to go for the green color. Later that fall I walked in to an H&M store and saw the green T-shirt hanging on the rail. It was such a cool feeling to be able to see how I, as an intern, could affect the business from day one.

Did you learn anything during the internship that you used in the Business Controller role?
One of my main takeaways from the internship is definitely the unique opportunity to get a holistic view of the company and its value chain. This has helped me to adapt quickly in my current role by understanding how decisions I take at the buying office is highly intertwined with production, sales, marketing etc.

What´s the best part of working as a Business Controller at H&M?
Except from the great responsibility and opportunity to drive business, I love working in such a dynamic team. In my team, creating the Ladies Trend collection, I am the only business controller working alongside with designers, buyers and patternmakers from different parts of the world. My inspiring team is definitely the main reason to why I love coming to work!