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Lina Ahrnstein

It all started with a lunch lecture at my university. After this lecture, when I for the first time was introduced to the ITP program, I was convinced that this was something for me! The fast phase environment, endless of opportunity and big varieties of roles was very appealing to me. When I got assigned to New York as my first placement for the trainee period, I was, as you can imagine, thrilled. Working in the US for a year lived up to all my expectations, first of all it gave me a really good insight of the North American organization and by rotating between different roles, both Controlling, Merchandising and Leasing, I got to experience and develop skills  in different functions. I think I visited most of the 50 states during my year in the US, I even went to Hawaii to open our first store on the island.

When my trainee year was over I got the opportunity to move to South America as a Merchandise Planner. I had my base in Santiago and was responsible for buying, new store budgets and allocations in the countries. It was sometimes challenging but this also made it a lot of fun, during my first year we also opened up Peru as a new market. Now, when it is exactly three years ago I started the ITP program, I have been given a new challenge as Project Manager for New Markets Sales. Stockholm will be my base but with a lot of travelling to new and upcoming markets that we hopefully will open in a few years. My main responsibilities are to secure successful openings of new markets form a sales perspective. I will work with competitor analysis of the markets to make sure we enter with right prices, set budgets and buy for new stores and many other exciting tasks. Looking back at all my experiences these past three years - makes you wonder where you will be in the world and what you have accomplished in another three years!  

What makes the ITP program unique?
Definitely the insight you get of the company and the network you build in a very short time. Only during the first period in Stockholm at HQ you get introduced to most of the global heads. Moreover, to get an overview of various functions and different country organizations to the extent you get I believe is pretty unique. As you meet so many people along the way, you build a very broad network which is invaluable for your future career. Last but not least, to have the opportunity to work in a foreign country from day one!

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