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Erik Graffner

I belong to the first batch of ITP trainees joining in January 2013. Before joining I had eyes set for the world of consulting but during my last year in university I was asked to join for a presentation about H&M. I first hesitated, because getting a degree within Engineering I couldn’t possibly think H&M was for me. Now I know better! What changed my mind was the understanding that H&M is expanding at an incredible pace all around the globe, constantly adding new markets to its portfolio. You don’t need to be a fashion guru to work at a fashion company, there’s so much more to it! I’m now based in Singapore as Store Development Manager for SE Asia market.

What has been most rewarding with ITP?
Getting abroad and quick learnings! I was thrown out in China, a country I had never been to. I was introduced to merchandising and able to spend time with marketing, sales, visual, controlling and got a good grip on H&M’s organization. I really appreciated getting exposure to many different functions early in my career, I have found it to be very valuable. The ITP has also felt very rewarding because it allowed me to be at the very front-end of the business, where I feel I can have a big impact in H&M’s current and future business.

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