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International Trainee Program

Do you want to be part of building H&M globally and join a graduate program where you will start an international career from day one?

Every year we hire a few selected candidates to our international trainee program that we have created to develop future leaders for the H&M functions Global Expansion and Global Sales & Operations. If you get excited about the idea of not knowing where in world you will live during the next upcoming years – then this might be the challenge for you!

Why? Because none of our new trainees knows when they start in September where H&M will send them in a couple of months.

What our trainees do know though is that they will start off the Trainee year by spending two exciting months at the Head Office in Stockholm. These two months are filled with seminars with H&M leaders, store training and a broad introduction to H&M as a company as well as in-depth training within the involved functions.  When we reach the end of October the trainees will take off to different locations around the world to take part of in-depth training within two of the functions involved in the program.

After 12 months the trainee program comes to an end and the trainees are offered a position within one of the functions at an H&M office somewhere in the world. The expectations on our ITP trainees is that they take on the role as a global citizen with the flexibility to be placed anywhere in the word for at least the next coming 3 years. Where you will end up depends on where you are needed and where you have the best potential for future development and growth within H&M.

Start in September every year

12 month graduate program with placement within the functions:
 Global Expansion and Global Sales & Operations.

2 months in Stockholm and then placement abroad for the rest of the program.

An international career for at least two years in roles such as Lease Manager, Merchandise Manager or Expansion Controller.

Global Expansion and Global Sales & Operations

The trainee program is run by our Global Expansion and Global Sales & Operations functions that focus on finding new locations, create the best possible shopping experience, maximize the sales and run profitable stores.

Global Expansion:

  • Leasing: Works with managing the portfolio of existing stores and finding now locations in order for us to enable the expansion. A lot of market analysis and negotiating lease contracts with landlords.

Global Sales & Operations:

  • Merchandising: Works hands on with all parts of sales; allocation, sales analysis, commercial planning, communication with the buying office etc.

ITP 2019

Are you our future International Trainee?

We have high expectations on our trainees and to be successful in this role we believe that you need to have a genuine interest in retail and H&M. You also need to have an international background with experience from studying, living or working in different countries. Our trainees are usually graduates from business or engineering studies but some have up to two years of working experience.

Do you want to join us?

Apply here! The application period for the International Trainee Program 2020 is October 2nd –January 2nd.

FAQ about International Trainee Program

At H&M we have three different trainee programs with different content and positions. For us it´s important that you get the best start possible at H&M; therefore we want you to choose the program that you think suits you the best and that you find the most interesting. For that reason, we recommend you to apply for only one of the programs.

Meet some of our trainees

Federica Cocito
"I remember all other companies looked so similar to each other while H&M was showcasing the latest Conscious Collection. It immediately looked like a fun company to work with and it was!" 

Read more about Federica

Anna Schrum
"I highly recommend the ITP to everyone with an interest in retail! You have the opportunity to try out two different departments at one of the largest retailers and really learn a lot from great colleagues and managers in a fun, team-oriented and value-based environment." 

Read more about Anna

Erik Graffner
"The ITP has also felt very rewarding because it allowed me to be at the very front-end of the business, where I feel I can have a big impact in H&M’s current and future business." 

Read more about Erik

Lina Ahrnstein
"I think I visited most of the 50 states during my year in the US, I even went to Hawaii to open our first store on the island." 

Read more about Lina

Sebastian Anesten
"There is for sure no better program than ITP for those who want to shape the future of fashion and retail, and being able to do so from working abroad. " 

Read more about Sebastian

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