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Nadja Herbst & Anton Ålund

Anton Ålund
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Mgmt
Will graduate IT trainee program: June 2019

Nadja Herbst
Education: M.Sc. Computational Science
Will graduate IT trainee program: June 2019

Why did you choose to join H&M IT trainee program?
Anton: Apart from being an international company at the forefront of the industry, the program also allows me to develop both business and technology skills.

The final argument for me to join was the positive feeling I got throughout the recruitment process. The whole chain including the student event that led me to apply, the assessment day and the following interviews were all great experiences.  The employees that I met gave me the picture of a fantastic place to work, and since starting here in August that picture has been confirmed. I’m very glad to be a part of that!

Nadja: During the assessment day I really felt like this will be a great working place. Everyone I spoke to here was very welcoming. Moreover, the trainee program gives the opportunity to get to know many different areas in a short time.  

What have surprised you the most during your first couple of month?
Anton: How much the company values steer and influence the day-to-day work. It is of course something that was reflected in the recruitment process, but for me it was a bit of a surprise how much they actually mean to all employees. More often than not, I have found myself in situations or discussions where the values set the agenda for a project going forward, which is an aspect of the H&M group that I really like.

Nadja: It was surprising for me to see how many different journeys people have done within the H&M group. The opportunities are endless and there is a way for everyone to grow in this company. Also, I didn’t know before how much H&M group promotes and facilitates a healthy life-style to all employees.

What is the most interesting thing you´ve got to do as a trainee so far?
Anton: The project I’m involved in at my current rotation at Global Online Expansion. We are involved in the process to create the best possible customer experience via the H&M app. To get an insight to how H&M handles their different channels have really increased my understanding for online retailing.

Nadja: The opportunity to not only listen to introductions of various business and IT divisions but also to openly ask and discuss about ways of working and decisions.

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