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Jonas Blomgren & Matilda Stading

Jonas Blomgren
Education: M.Sc. Business & Economics – Linköping University
Will graduate IT trainee program: June 2019

Matilda Stading
Education: B.Sc. Design of Information Systems – Lund University
Will graduate IT trainee program: June 2019

Why did you choose to join H&M IT Trainee program?
Jonas: Apart from the H&M Group finding themselves in a very interesting market situation with everchanging demands and opportunities, it was, for me as a business student, the opportunity to mix business and IT. I believe that the future business leaders will need a greater understanding of IT as an enabler and I think that the H&M IT Trainee Program is the perfect way to obtain a mix of business and IT.

Matilda: I think the fashion retail industry is an exciting business to work in and that the IT trainee program suited me perfectly because of my degree in Information systems and past experience within interior design retail. I also wanted to work for a big and global company with opportunities to work in different areas and counties. I feel that H&M has a great company culture where you are encouraged to take initiatives and grow which is something that I wish to experience every day.

What have surprised you the most during your first couple of months?
Jonas: How kind everyone is. I expected people to be kind but it has truly been a pleasure to meet new people as everyone is so welcoming and makes me feel part of the company from day one. We’re not just saying hello in the hallway but we are interacting. A big international company with a local feeling.

Matilda: How big the world of H&M group is. It surprised me how many different areas you can work with, including business and IT as well as the new brands and business concepts. It’s so diverse and a lot of cool things are happening!  I’m also surprised with how many people I’ve met that been working for H&M 20+ years, that must be good right?

What is the most interesting thing you've got to do as a trainee so far?
Jonas: - I got to visit the H&M Online Warehouse in Borås, the warehouse that handles all online orders for Scandinavia. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the complexity of online shopping.

Matilda: Other from meeting really interesting people and get try out different projects, I’ve been involved with the expansion of H&M’s new concept, It’s Pleat, which is the new café – check it out!

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