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Ghazal Mesbahi

Education: IT and Marketing Communications - Stockholm University
Finished trainee program: June 2016
Roles within H&M: Application Expert, Team Lead

Why did you choose to apply to H&M and IT Trainee?

I wanted to work in a fast-paced environment with an international touch. Getting to combine IT and fashion was also a plus. I applied for the IT Trainee program because I saw it as a great opportunity to get a chance to see different parts of the company before deciding exactly what to work with.  If you had asked me before the Trainee Program, I had no idea what Master Data was, and now I am working with it every day.

Why do you enjoy working at H&M and what do you do today?

Today I work as Team Lead within the Master Data team. The reason I love working at H&M is that our values are really reflected in our culture. It’s an open an honest environment and you get a lot of responsibility from day one.

What did you like the most with being a trainee at H&M?

Getting to see all the different areas and having a “home-base” with the other trainees, I always had other people to discuss challenges and opportunities with. This made me feel like I dared to make more mistakes and try new things.

What was the biggest surprise during the trainee program?

The straightforwardness, so easily being able to contact anyone and how everyone always takes the time to help and explain.

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