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Emelie Gruvnäs

Education: MSc Industrial Engineering and Management , Lunds Tekniska Högskola
Finished traineeprogram: 2012
Roles within H&M: Business Controller boys; Business Controller ladies; Division Controller Divided girls; Section Head Divided Girls

Why did you choose to apply to H&M and Business Trainee?
I was attracted by the opportunity to see several parts of the organization directly as a new employee and in addition build a wide network of contacts and travel abroad. I immediately during the interview process felt that H&M really suited me. I stopped looking  for other jobs because I could not fully put my mind into it before I in that case got a no from H&M.

Why do you enjoy working at H&M?
Already during my first week I felt how much I liked the culture and the values that we truly live each day. I clearly remember how I during my first month got a very big responsibility and even though I was new, I experienced that the other people in the team was listening to me. A clear example of the value We believe in people. The fact that H&M is so large, I feel that my career opportunities are endless and I see no reason to change company because I have found my match and I feel so comfortable in the culture.

Tell us about your journey at H&M?
My first role after the program was as Business Controller for boys at Assortment. What I like the most in the role is the proximity to the assortment and the mix of following sales here and now and to work with long-term strategies. I have also worked as Business Controller for a larger section. It was great fun to take over a new section when you already knew the role, as I could identify the potential for how I would contribute to improve methods and optimize sales much faster. During my years as Business Controller I have really been driven by seeing others develop and grow around me. I have had the opportunity to take additional responsibility as the trainer of new Business  Controllers as well as being involved in recruitment process.  These responsibilities have been a part of achieving my goal of working as a Division Controller. And here I am today, currently a Division Controller for Divided girls with the responsibility of a team of Business Controllers and responsible to do exactly what I was previously doing as Business Controller but now on a more strategic level with a focus on setting goals, visions and develop the team around me. So just everything I love to do!

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