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If you want a career in fashion, the time is now

H&M are always looking for opportunities to expand. And the bigger we grow, the more we can offer. We believe your career is firmly in your hands. We’re committed to training and developing our staff, preparing them for their next step in whichever direction that might be. Here’s the proof.

Aimee Warner, Store Manager.

Aimee started at H&M as a part-time Sales Advisor while she was studying, soon becoming Weekend Supervisor. And after going full-time she took just three years to progress to where she is today.

She says: “At the start I never thought I’d stay with H&M. But I’ve simply never wanted to leave – and I could never work for another retailer now. Nowhere else has the same buzz.

“Where do I want to end up? There are so many opportunities on offer that I honestly can’t pinpoint just one.”

She says: “At the start I never thought I’d stay with H&M. But I’ve simply never wanted to leave – and I could never work for another retailer now. Nowhere else has the same buzz.

“They really believe in you at H&M, and are always encouraging you and giving you the tools to progress.

“If you’re hungry enough, all the chances are there – and promotion can come incredibly fast. If H&M see something in you, they’ll play to your strengths and will move heaven and earth for you.

Matt Lacey, Merchandiser.

Matt joined H&M as a Floor Manager, made Store Manager in just two years, and landed his dream job in merchandising 18 months after that.

He says: “I’ve really grown into H&M, and it’s brought me out of my shell. They let you be who you are, who you want to be. My next move could be Area Manager, in charge of 20 or 30 stores. Or I could move to Sweden and take charge of some of our global menswear concepts.

"H&M offers real scope around the world. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a move to Australia – watch this space.”

Natalie Farrell, Store Manager.

Natalie Farrell started life at H&M as Ladieswear Floor Manager after graduating – and having worked for three other high-street retailers. She hasn’t been with us long and yet the 28-year-old is already a Store Manager.

She says: “I wanted to move to H&M because they have better benefits, a better infra-structure, and they treat their people really well.

“This is where I’m going to stay – and I was never able to say that elsewhere.

“The best thing is that you get to be your own person. You don’t need a work face. And everyone here is great at giving honest, straightforward feedback, so it takes no time to develop and grow.

“When they offer progression, it’s not an empty promise. I feel I can look my new starters in the eye and say, ‘Look at me.’

“At H&M, people are always talking about the future, which makes it an incredibly upbeat, positive atmosphere with endless opportunities.”

Emma Morgan, Visual Merchandiser.

Emma Morgan started as a part-time Sales Advisor at H&M after bringing up her kids. And it wasn’t long before the 44-year-old former hairdresser got the full-time Visual Merchandiser role she was after.

She says: “Most companies wouldn’t have given me the opportunity – but H&M aren’t like most companies. They’ve been really adaptable all the way through.

“It’s very hard work but it’s interesting. I’m looking forward to becoming Visual Manager soon – and there are so many opportunities if you want them.”

Ciarian, Visual Merchandiser.

Ciarian started as a Sales Advisor in 2005. The 26-year-old is now a Visual Merchandiser at Liffey Valley Ireland, and his plans don’t stop there. He says: “I worked for eight months as a Sales Advisor and then got the Trainee Visual role.

As H&M in Ireland was rapidly expanding I kept up pace and now I help with the development of visual teams all over Ireland. “H&M are amazing to their staff. I’ve always felt like an essential part of a creative team.

"As for me, I’m working my way toward Visual Manager. With the support of my colleagues I’ll get there.It’s what H&M is all about.”  

Hass Saleem, Store Manager.

Hass Saleem joined H&M while he was studying and went full-time after graduating. Within six months he was a Trainee Floor Manager – and in just over three years the 25-year-old has rocketed to Store Manager.

“One day I’d like to manage one of our biggest stores, maybe in central London. I want to show the world what I can do.”

“I started as a Sales Advisor but I’ve managed to make my own success story. And I’m nowhere near finished yet."

“I always had a plan to progress quickly, and everyone around me has been incredibly supportive. There are so many opportunities, everywhere you look. No one will spoon-feed you but they’ll always back you.

“The thing is, H&M doesn’t expect you to be perfect. You’re allowed to make mistakes. The important thing is to address them properly – that’s how you grow."

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