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If you want a career in fashion, the time is now

H&M is a workplace where everyone can develop and grow. Your career path is not staked out in advance. Instead, it’s possible to choose new directions depending on your individual motivation and strengths. Here’s the proof!

Ruby Lau, Regional Human Resource Manager

H&M is a value driven company with a great level of flexibility; if you share the same values as those of the company, opportunities within the company are vast.

My story with H&M started back in 2006; at that time, little did I know about the brand, I was just looking for new challenges. My first position was a Department Manager at the first H&M flagship store in Asia. Being a fast paced company, H&M promoted me to the position of assistant store manager after just three months ; within half a year, I had the opportunity to be promoted as a Store Manager. Opportunities did not end there, as I also accepted the challenges to be the store manager for several stores of different sizes in Hong Kong.

I am very happy to be working in a value driven company

This year, I am accepting a new challenge of being the Regional Human Resource Manager. Challenging as it is, I’m determined to do my very best at the Human Resource department for the coming years.  At H&M, it is not uncommon that we have employees moving around in different positions and working environments; we have had operational employees transferred to work at the Press Relations department or the Merchandising department. 

I am very happy to be working in a value driven company because this is what ties everyone together, creating a joyous working environment. To me, H&M is definitely a company for me to build my life-long career.

Candy Choi, Store Manager

There are limitless opportunities for employees to grow within H&M; if by any chance you have missed an opportunity, you can be sure there will be new ones coming if you work hard enough. My career at H&M has been quite smooth for the past years. 

It all started in 2007, when I heard from a friend that there is a fashion retailer called H&M; I was looking for room to grow and a happy working environment, thus, submitted my application on the H&M official website.  At the beginning, I was a Full Time Sales Advisor at the accessories department.  Shortly after joining, I was given the opportunity to provide support for a new store opening; 9 months later, I was being promoted as a Department Manager at the kid’s and ladies’ departments.

There are limitless opportunities for employees to grow within H&M

Three years after this, I became an assistant store manager, and my current position at H&M is a Store Manager. The happiest part of working at H&M is that all our colleagues get along very well. 

H&M is not a company with hierarchical structure, in which we trust our team members wholeheartedly.  Job rotation is very common here, making it also very easy to seize opportunities to grow.  Focus on pushing your own limits while refraining from comparing with others, it is not difficult to build a career at H&M with the vast amount of opportunities available. In the coming 2-3 years, I am most looking forward to the opening of the global flagship store in Causeway Bay; I definitely hope to take part in this very special event.

Chris Lee, Cash Office Responsible

H&M is a company that allows its employees to learn from mistakes, and this is the key reason I have stayed with the company since 2009.  I was a part-time Sales Advisor at H&M, and at the same time, working as a reporter for a media publication.  With two totally different roles and environments, my Department Manager at that time, encouraged me to give a shot at what I believe is of my greatest interest; should working as a reporter not work out for me in the end, H&M would welcome me back. After two years working as a reporter, I rejoined H&M. 

Try on different positions and take on new challenges

The Store Manager encouraged me to challenge myself to apply for a managerial role as a Cash Office Responsible, which is also my current position at H&M. 

At H&M, we must always stay alert as opportunities are everywhere, not just within our own department. In the coming years, I would like to look further into developing my career with the company, perhaps towards the marketing and controlling departments.  

Ian Tong, Merchandiser

H&M is an international fashion retailer with fast expansion plans; because of this, opportunities to grow or to support in different markets around the world are always round the corner. 

I joined H&M in 2007 as a part-time Sales Advisor while studying in the university.  Upon graduation, I became a full-time Sales Advisor, and after approximately 6 months, I seized an opportunity to become a Cash Office Responsible.  During this time, I had been very honest with my manager about my wish to be able to work abroad.  Shortly after this, invitations to support the store openings in Japan and Turkey were offered to me.  My advice is to always speak out because there is so many opportunities at H&M.

My wish is to support as a Merchandiser overseas! 

Two years later, I was transferred to a new role as the administrator for our Learning System in the support office.  One year after this, the Merchandising department invited me to join their team.  I was surprised at this invitation because I rarely had any interaction with the Merchandising team. Later on, I found out they had been paying attention to me while I was working as an admin.  

In the coming future, I would like to continue to work at the Merchandising department and at the same time, seize any opportunities to support overseas markets as a Merchandiser.  My norm is to always exceed people’s expectation!

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