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Controlling – Business Analysts

What do they do?

What are the core responsibilities of the Controlling Department?
The responsibilities of a Controller are the same throughout the business. The primary aim is to drive profitability. You analyse data and set budgets for sales, costs or efficiency and have a strategy on how to achieve them. You will set action plans, develop, set and encourage best practice, and follow-up on the results.

How many people work in the Controlling Department?
There are Controllers based throughout the world in all aspects of the business including Sales, Buying, Production, Logistics, Expansion and Online.

What skills and experiences are required to join the Controlling Department?
As a Controller, analytical skills and logical thinking are the core skills that guide your focus. In addition, strong communication is essential to convey complex information in a clear and simple way to all levels of the company.

Your strong business sense and entrepreneurial spirit allow you to take ownership of your field, driving it along as if it were your own business. You lead by example, live by the H&M Values and are ambitious to make yourself; your team and the business grow.

As a Controller, you don’t just analyse and set targets – you take action to make change. Your strategy is not defined for you, so you are always able to challenge the norm, dare to try new things and encourage your team to do the same – all to maximise your opportunities for the best results.

What is the most rewarding thing about working in the Controlling Department?
“The most rewarding thing is to be in a department that is ever changing. No day is ever the same and our focuses shift constantly throughout the year to reflect the needs of the stores and business. This allows us to stay open minded and find opportunity to improve the business alongside our colleagues. What inspires me is how the teams are able to do this and how multi skilled and talented they become from it.” – Alex Evans, Central Controller H&M UK & Ireland

Where can a career in controlling lead to?
Many of our controllers moved on to become Sales Managers or took on global controlling roles. Playing a key role with all our selling, profitability and efficiency decisions, provides you with an invaluable set of skills and experiences that can take you through a variety of senior management positions within H&M locally or globally.