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Justyna Kozubek, Store Manager

Justyna Kozubek, Store Manager of White City - UK, Global Flagship Store

What is your job role?
My role starts with building business strategy: to ensure a profitable and sustainable business I drive the store team to maximise sales performance, maintain high standards of work and deliver exceptional customer service. The other side of the real mission of being a Store Manager is to create a platform for team development – through coaching and training I enhance their competences, give them confidence and self-believe.

What was your career path?
I joined H&M almost 4 years ago as an external Department Manager. After one year I passed the assessment for the Store Manager but I decided to work first as an Assistant Store Manager. I wanted to work alongside an experienced store manager, observe, learn and prepare to become a Store Manager myself.  After 8 months I became a store manager of two stores and this unique experience allowed me to become the Store Manager of a Global Flagship Store in London in 2017, and I have been really enjoying it since. 

What has changed for you becoming a global flagship store manager?
Becoming a Store Manager of a Global Flagship Store was my personal goal since I joined H&M. White City store was my dream store where I intended to implement my vision that I developed over the years through experience. The role has created loads of new opportunities and challenges for myself. I have an opportunity to cooperate with supportive functions from other departments within the company, share my experience and ideas and learn from them. I have learnt how to process feedback from Support Office and Global visits, and draw conclusions that will be beneficial to the store in line with my vision and through my strategy. Trying new ideas and pushing the boundaries enabled my store to become a reference point for others. Undoubtedly, the best experience of running a Global Flagship Store is that I can enhance my leadership skills, set up new standards, perform on a new level and set an example for my team to follow. I have become a true leader and the mentor for my team I always wanted to be. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in your position?
If you want to become a store manager and a strong leader, but you don’t have your vision yet – observe, listen, and get inspired by others. All these experiences will allow you to create your own unique way. Remember the most important thing – keep developing yourself, be persistent and never doubt yourself.

What makes H&M unique for you?
What makes H&M stand out from other employers is a strong work ethic and company values that H&M lives by. My favourite ones are: ''Entrepreneurial spirit'', ''Constant improvement'' and ''We believe in people''. With H&M I can be myself, bring my vision to life and implement my ideas. The company allows the managers to take ownership of the store and I appreciate I can manage the store that I work in as it were my own business. I do believe that the company strategy in running a sustainable business makes a difference and will allow H&M group for further global development.

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