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At the Sustainability Department we ensure that H&M produces fashion with a conscience. We set directions on how to reach sustainability objectives and measure our results extensively. We take responsibility for the company’s global work and make sure our entire supply chain lives up to our Code of Conduct and environmental goals.

The Sustainability Department is divided into four groups that all work together:

  • Social Sustainability –  Supports, sets directions and coordinates the social sustainability work.
  • Environmental Sustainability Supports, sets directions and coordinates our environmental work throughout the company.
  • Product Sustainability – Supports, sets directions and coordinates the sustainability work concerning our commercial products and their life cycle.
  • Relations Sustainability – Coordinates cross-functional sustainability activities and communication, making sure that the content in our internal and external sustainability communication is correct and relevant.

To summarise, the Sustainability Department ensures we take responsibility for the world we live in and the people around us.

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