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Hello students!

Combine studies with work

We receive many requests from students looking to work part-time or during the holidays. And yes, a part-time job in one of our stores is a great opportunity to start your career with H&M. It’s the perfect place to get to know us, and it can develop into a full-time job as well as an international career. Welcome to a fun and open-minded work culture with flexible hours and a lot of individual responsibility!

Internships and trainee programs

In some of our sales countries you can work as a trainee in our stores, and every now and then opportunities will arise at our offices to apply for internships and trainee programs. These kinds of positions will be listed under Available jobs.

At our Head Office in Sweden we offer internships and trainee programs within Business Controlling, IT and Buying and Design, for example. Visit the Swedish career site to find out more.

Writing a thesis or essay?

Are you interested in writing a thesis or essay about H&M? Fantastic! Unfortunately we won’t be able to take an active part, as we don’t have the time or resources needed to give this the attention it deserves. However, we hope you will find a lot of facts, figures and useful information here at

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